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DC Archives Metal Men Vol 1 & 2


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Rare & hard to find hardcover set, NEW, still sealed, perfect for collectors!!


  • In the early to mid 1960’s, during the Silver Age of comics, DC Comics introduced a new set of comic character superhero crime fighters – The Metal Man – a small, eclectic, group of robots, each made of a different metal – Iron, Tin, Lead, Gold, Platinum, and Mercury – and each robot had its own unique abilities (and temperament), based on its metal’s unique properties. Also unique for each robot, was their individual idiosyncrasies and personal neuroses, all of which were a reflection of their creator, the eccentric Doctor Will Magnus, aka ‘Doc’.


  • The group banded together, often despite many personal differences, to fight threats from terrestrial, extraterrestrial and sub-terrestrial origins.


  • Hoping to score along the lines of popular DC favorites such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, et. al., The Metal Men never quite achieved the status DC had hoped for, but continued for many years to acquire a loyal cult following, often appearing as secondary characters in the adventures of their main comic book stars.


  • Volume 1 was first published in 2006 and volume 2 in 2013. Both volumes are currently out of print, and have been for many years, and are often difficult to find new, stilled sealed, in a matched set together, as presented here.


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