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H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon 1st Ed. Big O Publishing


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Rare 1st edition of H.R. Giger’s classic coffee table book featuring his artwork, published in 1977.


  • First off, I need to clarify the ‘myth’ involving the background of this amazing edition.


  • As you can see, it has the famed “Dali Edition” signature and sketch. THIS is NOT a signed edition.



  • Numerous unscrupulous vendors on eBay are attempting to sell the PRINTED copies (as they all are) as ORIGINAL DALI EDITIONS, and as I have said, they ‘all’ are, technically speaking.


  • Many of these books are selling for $7,500, $11,500, $17,500, or more – do not buy them, and instead, report the seller to eBay


  • I purchased this copy myself when it was first published through Heavy Metal Magazine.


  • It is in slightly worse-for-wear condition.


  • The cover does have some stains and minor damage but there are no tears anywhere.


  • The cover binding is slightly frayed and loose at the top, and may only require a minor repair which I can do upon request.


  • All pages inside are completely intact and undamaged, and there are no loose pages anywhere.


  • For further reading about the myth surrounding the Dali Edition, I suggest checking out the following page. There are many other pages that a simple Google search will also turn up to confirm this.