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John Deere Toy Tractor, Vintage Circa 1955/58


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  • ERTL Model 60
  • Beautifully intact for antique toy
  • Steering turns slightly, but I would not attempt forcing
  • Made of cast aluminum (too light for iron or steel)
  • Original paint almost entirely intact
  • Rubber wheels are fully intact, no rips or tears, but hardened into plastic
  • All wheels rotate freely without difficulty or resistance
  • BEAUTIFUL collector’s piece
  • DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE MANY NEW REMAKES MADE FROM 1999-2001 THAT ARE BEING SOLD FOR THIS SAME PRICE ON EBAY!!! THEY ARE FRAUDULENT SCAMMERS — Easy way to spot them: often sold in an “original” box, all with perfect paint, PLASTIC wheels and seats, and pliant, rubber tires. NO antique would be found in such condition! (These repros ARE valued at appx $65 – 100 IN THE BOX)

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